Friday, April 24, 2009

Good News Friday

That's right, once again it's Good News Friday!

I don't think I could possibly top Ryan's old-school clip from everyone's favorite SBTB moment.

So instead, I will share a few things that always cheer me up!

1) 1000 Awesome Things. I just discovered this site today, thanks to GalaDarling. At 1000 Awesome Things, every day is Good News Friday. As in, they literally have the same mission Ryan and I have with instituting Good News Friday. Read this excerpt from a recent post:

"We started up 1000 Awesome Things a few months back as a tiny getaway from this everyday. It’s just a brief escape from the downpour of bad news and sad news raining upon us, and I’m just some guy trying to remind myself of the simple things in life. Together we help create a place where unemployment figures, gun crimes, and rising sea levels sit backseat to wearing underwear just out of the dryer, the other side of the pillow, and old, dangerous playground equipment."

Yeah. Sounds about right. And AWESOME. Enjoy.

2) Stuff from when I was little. Yesterday Ryan sent me a clip from Kids Incorporated, and frankly it made my day. Stacy was always my favorite one, and I found out yesterday that Stacy is the person we now call Fergie. I had no idea! Check out this clip. Look through the related clips, too - you'll also find a bunch of other fun celebs on that show, including "Love Hewitt," who we now call Jennifer Love Hewitt. See, cool stars didn't only come from The Mickey Mouse Club.

3) Overheard in New York. I know I've talked about it before, but this really is a hilarious site. As my great aunt used to say, "who has more fun than people?" Just read a few - it will make you laugh and hopefully contribute to your Good News/Good Mood Friday.

4) South Park. I just recently got into South Park, and now I watch it every week. I've also been going back to watch all of the episodes I've missed over the years (you can watch every episode ever aired at But lately South Park has really been on its game. For proof, watch this week's episode, "Fatbeard," whose description reads, "Cartman's dream of living the life of a pirate will come true, if he can just get to Somalia." It's good stuff.

5) F*ck You, Penguin. I know I've pimped this before, but I read this site every day, and every day it makes me laugh. A great one of late was from last Good News Friday, about the blowfish.

6) It's addicting. That's really all that needs to be said.

7) OK GO: On Treadmills. One of my favorite videos ever. Always makes me smile. Please enjoy:

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Ryan said...

What a great addition to Good News Friday. Week two was a success!