Monday, April 6, 2009

Other treats from the internet

A few treats and tidbits of the day from across the internet:

1) 'Fair and balanced' internet ethics?: A Fox News writer is in trouble for posting on the company blog about the new Wolverine movie (which I can't wait to see in theaters!), which he illegally downloaded. Busted.

2) Mrs. Ashton stops internet suicide?: Did you hear the story about how Demi Moore supposedly stopped someone from killing herself thanks to Twitter? According to Switched, you don't have the full story. Although Demi Moore did respond, "Hope you are joking" to the tweet that was clearly a cry for help, a whole bunch of other Twitter users traced the user and called the local police authorities in her area. If you believe that what actually stopped the suicide was Demi's tweet alone, you've been Punk'd.

3) Big Brother is still taking over the world: That's right, Google is at it again. According to Mashable, they're adding a new feature to search such that when you type in "food" it will GPS your location based on your IP address and return results plotted out for you on a map, without you having to type in your location. Pretty sweet feature... but pretty creepy. Adding to my Google paranoia for sure.

4) What if science in real life was like science on TV?: This is a great comic from PHD Comics that answers that question:

5) And also, Toothpaste for Dinner likes coffee as much as I do:

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