Monday, August 24, 2009

"close enough to normal to get by"

Tonight I went to see Next to Normal. All I can say is... Go. See it. Now. Please. It is phenomenal, and all other musicals on Broadway should take notice.

1) Alice Ripley. Living legend. She was fantastic.

2) The set and the lights. Oh. My. God. Did these people win a Tony for that? They should have.

3) The story. Who writes a musical about bipolar disorder? Seriously. But wow I am so glad they did. It was gut-wrenching (I cried straight through the last 25 minutes or so and teared up multiple times before that), but it was also hopeful at the end. Done and done and done so well. And I read in the program that it was based on a 10-minute play these guys wrote for some class based on an article they read about electroshock therapy. Crazy.

4) The music. As my sister pointed out, the music was incredibly disjointed, disrupted, interrupted, which perfectly portrayed the story. And the vocals were hot.

Seriously, go see this show. I haven't seen a musical like this in a long time, and I'm sure I won't see another one like this for a while. It says something. It means something. It grabs your heart. And it's worth every penny. It's a musical done the way musicals should be done. So please go see it. And bring some tissues.

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