Monday, November 30, 2009

Watch out!

Okay, here are three TV shows you should be watching, and one show you should start watching again:

1) Modern Family, ABC, Wednesdays @ 9

This is a new show about a modern family: the patriarch (played by Al Bundy) with his new, much younger, very Latina wife and her son; one of the patriarch's grown-up kids, who is gay and has an adopted daughter with his partner; and the other of the patriarch's grown-up kids, with her neurotic husband and three hilarious children. It is indeed a modern family, and a modern tv show, which lacks a laugh track but never lacks of hilarious situations and sarcastic dialogue. I promise you, you'll love it.

2) Parks & Recreation, NBC, Thursdays @ 8:30

I liked but not loved Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live. But I love love love her in Parks & Recreation. She plays Leslie Knope, who reminds me of a more lovable version of Michael Scott from The Office. She gets herself into ridiculous situations because of the things she says and does, but ultimately she has a good heart and is just trying to do the best she can for her beloved town of Pawnee, Indiana. Give it a few episodes, and you'll start to get the humor of the show and fall in love with Pawnee just like Leslie.

3) Community, NBC, Thursdays @ 8
I've always loved Joel McHale, but I thought Community - a show about a Community College Spanish class - would fall flat. Boy was I wrong. This show is often my favorite of the Must-See-TV lineup. The script is genius, the acting is terrific, and the situations are hilarious. Basically it's about a former lawyer, Jeff, who is forced to go back to Community College and there meets a bunch of funny classmates. The cast of characters includes Britta, who Jeff has a serious crush on but who calls him on his bullsh*t; Abed, who has asperger's and who matches wits with Jeff week after week; Pierce (played by Chevy Chase) who is a needy older man who wants to be cool like Jeff when he grows up; and Senor Ben Chang, their Asian Spanish professor who hates his students almost as much as he hates his job. It's fantastic. Watch it.

4) Grey's Anatomy, ABC, Thursdays @ 9

Seriously. If you're like me and got completely sick of the Meredith/Derek melodrama, good news! They got married. McDreamy drama gone, the show is much less whiny and has the chance to focus on other, better relationships. On top of that, guess what else? George and Izzy are off the show. Hallelujah. (Well, technically Izzy is still on the show, but she's only been in like one episode for like 5 minutes since she quit her job at Seattle Grace.) So if, like me, you were tired of the attitudes those two drama-wielding divas were bringing to the show, both on and off screen, it's gone. Along with the weekly hour full of cancer we had to weep through last season. As well as absurd flashbacks/ghost sightings of Denny. I've never been so glad to see a hot guy leave a show. This season the writing is smart, the characters are likable, and they've added some new characters and storylines that I can get on board with. They consolidated Seattle Grace and Mercy West (its sister hospital), which has added a new cast of residents and a new boatload of drama. They brought on the blonde girl from 24 as Cristina's mentor and romantic rival, adding a juicy love triangle - and who doesn't love that? And last but not least, they added Arizona, the pedes doctor, as a regular on the show. I was wary of her at first, but she has definitely added something heartfelt to the show. Grey's is back to how it used to be in its early seasons. So for any fellow defectors, now is the time to come back on board. Seriously.


Ben said...

I love Modern Family. Jerzy and I were just talking about that the other day.

Lisa said...

Me too! It's so funny. I hope it stays on the air.