Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday roundup

1) Do you judge a book by its cover? This essay by Joe Queenan in the NYT indicates you might. I actually think this factors in to at least my selection of a book from my bookshelf, if not my enjoyment of the actual book. For example, the two bindings in my eyeline right now are Dubliners and Lord of the Flies. Dubliners' binding is pale peach with a tiny sketch of Dickensian-looking people peering out. But Lord of the Flies' binding is a striking forest green, with foreboding, all-caps font sandwiched between two tiny red accent lines. Based on that alone, I'd much rather pick up Lord of the Flies. Hmm.

2) The Onion's AV Club released their list of the best films of the decade. Eternal Sunshine (one of my faves) reigns as number 1, and two of my other personal favorites are also in the top 5 (No Country for Old Men and Memento). What do you think of the results?

3) Two work-related comics for you to enjoy in the face of the weekend. Happy Friday!!! Woohoo!

(via PHD comics)

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