Friday, December 18, 2009

Good News Friday part II

1) This list of 10 toy crazes from Mental Floss Blog makes me really happy for some reason. I mean, pogs... wow... flashback. :) They ask at the bottom what your top must-have toy was of your childhood. Mine was definitely Teddy Ruxpin. (Which I never got! But I think that's a good thing because looking at him now I'm sure it would have been fodder for some severe nightmares due to my overactive imagination. I mean, check out the picture below. Plus he talked and blinked? Yikes.) What was yours?

2) I just opened my mail and saw handwriting that I recognized on an envelope, and the handwriting wasn't my mom's. This might not seem weird to you, but as someone who gets most of my correspondence electronically, it was weird to me. I couldn't figure out who is a person whose handwriting I would recognize who could be sending me something. I opened the package, and there was a note from my friend Ben, along with a pin that says: "I like bookworms! even though they make the pages slimey." Quite possibly the cutest pin ever. I've already pinned it to my purse. Along with the pin making me happy, something else made me happy - I remembered the reason I recognized Ben's handwriting. Back in middle school, Ben and one of my other friends (whom I was "going out with" at the time, whatever that means in junior high) used to hang out all the time. They used to write me notes after school, and I saved a bunch of them (I still have them to this day). :) Oh, old times and good friends. Indeed worthy of a Good News Friday post. Thanks Ben. That was so nice. :)

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Ben said...

I'm glad you like the pin and that it arrived safely. The guy at the post office seemed offended that I told him I did not need the $14 overnight delivery and that the $1.20 option would work just fine. Seriously, he got all quiet on me after that when before he was chatting up a storm about mailing gifts to kids or some shit. I wasn't really listening because I had a mouth breather in line behind me making my neck all moist. Gross.

I remember writing notes to you but only in a vague, "yeah I did that" sort of way. Specifics as to what I wrote are lost. Nothing too embarrassing, I hope. You'll have to show them to me sometime. By the way, I think it is awesome that you would recognize my handwriting. Also, now that I know your address I can not promise that post cards or letters will not show up in your mailbox from time to time. I <3 the internets but every once in a while it is fun to communicate via something tangible and holdable.

P.S. If there is one thing I miss about eating meat, it's sushi. Nevertheless, I like that you wrote 8 paragraphs telling sushi-eaters to STFU.