Monday, December 7, 2009


In this post from yesterday, felixwas talks about the Tiger Woods saga as well as the White House dinner-crashers. But unlike most posts about these media circus stories, felixwas takes a new slant -- the importance of gathering multiple perspectives on the news. I've been trying to sum up what he said, but I can't say it as eloquently as he did, so I'll just quote him. I thought this was important to share:

"...All of us, as media creatures, need to seek new perspectives on the news that are as diverse as possible. We also need to be skeptical (which is a good thing, as opposed to cynicism) about all of those perspectives, too. In a society that’s is becoming increasingly diverse by the minute, we need to understand how all of our fellow citizens are thinking so that all of us can work together to make our world a better place. My time at The Root provided me with perspectives I would not have reached on my own, and the questions about if/how racism is affecting these two stories have been lingering in my mind. For me, nothing but good can come from trying to work my way through those questions."

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