Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"What are you gonna do, turn off your tv AND your computer?"

Three things of note:

1) GE is selling NBC to Comcast. My biggest concern? That Comcast is a cable company and has it out for Hulu, which now it would own. Hulu is basically my favorite site in the entire world, so this news is tragic to me. And makes the title of this post (from Hulu's Superbowl commercial) all the more appropriate. But this article from Mashable explains why Comcast probably wouldn't dissolve Hulu, and what it will likely do instead.

2) Saul Griffith explains at Boing Boing what the carbon reduction promises at the upcoming conference in Copenhagen will really mean. I found this article to be informative -- typically articles by scientists about climate change are complicated and full of equations and unrelatable explanations. This one made sense to me.

3) Best for last: Zuma is expanding HIV treatment in South Africa, announced today on World AIDS Day. HALLELUJAH! All children under age 1 will receive free treatment, and pregnant women and people who also have TB will get expanded treatment. It's a small step, but a serious step in the right direction. And Zuma also agreed to get tested himself, which makes a great statement to the country. Read more here.

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