Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Awesome Things

1) Okay so I am terrified of and yet strangely drawn to the use of vitamins/supplements. As a hypochondriac, I always think, is there a vitamin I could be taking that would make me healthier? That would give me less of a chance of getting cancer? That would help my stress levels? That would cure my headaches? But then at the same time I think, would those same vitamins negatively interact with medicine I take? GIVE me cancer? Make me grow an extra arm? It's a crap shoot really. Lately I've been taking a B-complex and a multivitamin. So naturally I am curious whether the B-complex is actually supposed to do anything.

Well lucky for me, one of my favorite sites, Information is Beautiful, has a new interactive infographic today that tells me this very thing. It's a bubble race - the higher a bubble, the greater the evidence there is for its effectiveness in helping the symptoms within the bubble. Check it out here:

(Hint: It looks like there are conflicting reports about B vitamins... I might want to change my plan...)

2) This was on Epic Win FTW today. Haha I really really enjoy this for some reason. Epic win indeed.

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