Thursday, June 17, 2010

No place like home

Blogosphere!! How I've missed you. :) Have you missed me too?

I've been so busy lately with my new job that I've completely neglected Mad Street Cred. Epic fail, I know. I went to the OMMASocial conference today and got re-inspired about social media. Probably ironic, since now I'm working at a social media company. I think there's something about it being my job now that has kept me away. Also the fact that I'm working about 15 hours a day. But hey, I'm here now.

A few things are on my mind:

1. I really don't like when artists use auto tune. Usher was on So You Think You Can Dance tonight. I love love love Usher. But I found myself getting super annoyed with him tonight. And he's actually a good enough singer to sing without that! It ruins everything. Which reminds me... Yeah you know what I'm linking to...

2. I miss playing the piano. I am the "collaborative pianist" for a show my sister and her friend are doing at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and it's really fun to play through songs with them and have the songs just... work. My sister's friend told me that when she sings with me playing she feels like she's singing a duet with someone. That's probably the best compliment anyone could ever give a collaborative pianist. :) She also told me I should do it as my job. If only...

3. I am obsessed with Friday Night Lights. I never watched this show until a few weeks ago, when I was surfing around Netflix Instant as it was streaming to my Wii (LOVE), and I randomly picked out FNL to watch. FTW. That show seriously rocks. I know it's only got about one more season in the cards, and that makes me sad. It has quickly become one of my faves. How much do you just love Kyle Chandler? I've loved him ever since Early Edition. :) Ah, the shows of my youth. Anyway, go figure, I don't even like football.

4. Blogging isn't the only thing that has fallen by the wayside thanks to my new job. Here's what else: eating, sleeping, working out, fun, video games, reading, my mac, WoW, surfing the internet for fun, reading blogs, playing the guitar (and piano as stated earlier), going out with friends, dating, cleaning, laundry, listening to the Beatles or any music at all, making myself look presentable, watching TV, watching movies, any kind of extracurricular activities, did I mention sleep? Yeah. FTL.

5. I am going to Niagara Falls next weekend with Amanda. Yay, Maid of the Mist. I love boats. And trips.

This was not what I expected my blog post to be about, I was going to focus on something Very Important. But hey, at least I'm back right? I've missed you all! Time for bed.

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