Friday, August 13, 2010

Top 10 TV Ladies I wish I could be more like

Every week my sister, two of our friends and I play a little top 10 list game. My sister picks the topic, and we all answer with our own top 10 list, usually supplemented by pictures, descriptions, and sometimes videos. I put a little time into it every week, so I thought it might as well share some of the lists with you guys. Yay, right? This week's topic was:

Top 10 TV Ladies I wish I could be a little more like

10. Bailey (Grey’s Anatomy): She’s badass, a strong person, sensitive, and always gives the best advice. If only I could manage my interns as well as Bailey manages her residents-in-training. Plus, she’s totally cool and isn’t afraid to stand up to everyone and tell them the truth, including her boss, colleagues, and even patients. I could stand to be a little more Bailey in my daily life. Need evidence?: Clip

9. Ally McBeal (Ally McBeal): Ally is a complete mess but she’s hilarious and is a tough lawyer woman who has fun friends and a great job and lots of dates and a great overactive imagination and is really really funny. She hangs out at a piano bar every night. And she is the running consciousness of so many single late-20’s women in NY. (That quote in the clip below – “And I am WOMAN.” So great.) Plus, pulling off those mini-skirts AT WORK? I mean, come on. (PS sorry, I HAD to pick a clip with RDJ because I am in love with him, but the clip is actually REALLY perfect, if you watch the entire thing you’ll see it describes exactly what I’m saying… also, I should mention how much I LOVE Renee. I also really like her ‘90s lipstick.) Clip

8. Mary Tyler Moore (Mary Tyler Moore): Come on guys, she can turn the world on with her smile! Even in a really sexist day and age, MTM worked her way up from the “secretary” job she applied for to an important news producer position at a male-centric news office… and she did it looking really really cute. (LOVE this clip.) Clip

7. Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica): She’s Galactica’s best fighter pilot and she drinks and plays cards. Need I really say more? She is a tomboy but also girly and sexy and just totally badass. She hangs out with the boys, she’s pretty deep, she speaks her mind, and she has a troubled past but a bright future. She’s quick and witty and a tough cookie. Love. (PS the clip below – the whole thing is great, but Starbuck comes in at like 1:20… uh can you say BADASS?? And she’s picturing Adama the whole time?! Ugh I love her.) Clip

6. Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy): She’s the entire reason I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Yes she’s a little emotionally stunted, but she’s another tough cookie who means what she says and says what she means. She’s private and sarcastic and so overly capable and super smart and she’s not afraid to bitch-slap someone. But then she has these moments of real emotion, like in the clip below and you can tell that she’s actually a really deep really sensitive person, she just doesn’t show her cards. God I love her. In my opinion, she’s the rock of the show. Clip

5. Dana (Sports Night): She’s the executive producer of a major sports show on a major network. And she is GOOD. Seriously, she’s really really really good at what she does. She also hangs out with the boys but is a total girly girl. She tells people where it’s at and keeps the boys in line. Plus, she’s really funny and sarcastic. Really good writing on Aaron Sorkin’s part, and really great acting on Felicity Huffman’s part. (You can tell what I mean even in the first couple minutes of this clip. How much do you love me?) Clip

4. Lorelai (Gilmore Girls): She’s a tough single mom who’s just totally adorable and hilarious and addicted to caffeine and eats donuts and pancakes and pizza and French toast and doesn’t even care. She’s always quick with a perfect comeback and she hangs out at the local diner and knows everyone in town and has seen every movie ever and knows every pop culture reference in the world and does everything she can for her daughter and is the coolest mom ever. She’s definitely kind of a mess, but in a good way. I seriously want to be her. Minus the teen pregnancy aspect of course, I could live without that. (It was so hard to pick a scene because there are so many good ones, but I love this clip, this scene makes me laugh SO hard! Okay, every scene in the diner makes me laugh so hard…) Clip

3. Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights): In the last few seasons she’s been school counselor, stay at home mom, school principal, volleyball coach, headline news, party host extraordinaire, the coach’s loyal and loving wife, and mom of a teenager and a baby all at the same time… the woman is literally a goddess and can do anything. You have to envy her relationship with Coach Taylor (god they’re so cute, I want my marriage to be like that), and as she says herself, “I am right 100% of the time. You can ask my husband.” Damn she’s good. And she makes the best decisions. And she’s so pretty!! My idol. Clip

2. Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show): …Almost as much as Claire Huxtable. She is a professional powerhouse, raised like an entire neighborhood full of kids, she has the best husband and the most loving marriage relationship in the entire world, she’s GORGEOUS and she is seriously hilarious. All she has to do is give her kids one glance and they shut up immediately. If I could be a mom like Clarie Huxtable (not to mention her professional acumen – way-o!), I think I would be happy forever. (“Let me tell you something Elvin…”) Clip

1. Liz Lemon (30 Rock): Okay well I mean you knew this had to be my number one. I already relate too much to Liz Lemon and her complete neuroses. But I seriously love her and want to be even more like her. She runs the writing staff at 30 Rock, holds her own with Jackie D, contains Tracey and Jenna, she’s hilarious, and let’s be honest, they want to act like she’s a frumpy fran but she looks hella fabulous in her glasses and non-chic outfits. Plus she’s a total geek (like me) but she’s totally glam at the same time (not so much like me). I want to go to there. Clip

Monday, August 9, 2010

Textin' Bout My Generation

I know this is not new news, but texting while someone is talking to you is so rude. It drives me nutty, seriously. I once got in a fight with someone I was on a date with because he sat there texting someone else practically the entire night. You can call me oversensitive, you can call me old fashioned. But if you're on a date with me, please don't sit there texting someone else, I don't care if it's another girl, your roommate, or a friend from home. Unless it's an emergency (which it wasn't) or unless it has some REALLY great explanation (you're the point man in charge of synching your latest casino heist a la Oceans 11) -- that you RELAY to me while you're texting -- it just flat-out indicates to me that you would rather be doing something else than having a conversation with me, the person you're with right now. Why are you even looking at your phone? Yoohoo, remember me? Yeah, over here. Hey, you! Yeah, look over here! See the person physically sitting across from you? Unless that's a text to ME (ha ha, aren't you clever, texting me sitting across from me!), please put the phone away.

I went out on a date with someone recently and he did not take his phone out THE ENTIRE NIGHT. Seriously, I don't even know what his phone looks like, because I didn't see it. Actually, I've been on a few subsequent dates with him, and guess what? I still don't know what his phone looks like. He literally hasn't looked at it once in my presence. Do you know how refreshing that is? In the world of rattle-y BBMing, Sidekick keyboard texting, iPhone bloop bleep swipey messaging and so much other nonsense, I felt so respected by him because he did not look at his phone. He may have snuck a peek while I was in the bathroom, but if he did, he did it really quickly, because the phone was nowhere to be found when I came out. I was ready to take him home to meet my mother, honest to Beezus.

Texting on dates is bad enough. What about texting AT WORK? Please tell me - WHY do these college-age kids think it's okay to text at work? It drives me insane. Every time I'm trying to give the interns instructions, they sit there texting while I'm talking to them. I'm not exaggerating here. They literally have told me, "hold on a second," so they could finish the word they were texting. Why didn't anyone ever teach these kids that this is not okay? It is seriously one of my pet peeves. You CANNOT be paying attention to me and really absorbing the directions I'm giving you if you are texting your boyfriend while I'm saying it. You just can't. Yes, it irritates me on dates, or when I'm talking to a friend, but nothing irritates me more than Gen-Yers texting at work, seriously. I ended up sending them a Harvard Business Review article about the dangers of multi-tasking and telling them, this means texting while I'm giving you directions too. Passive aggressive? Maybe. But something needed to be done.

I don't understand these Gen-Yers. Most of them are seriously are the most entitled people I've ever come across in my life, and I hate that word. At my internships, I did ANYTHING the company asked me to do, and yes this included brewing coffee, running errands and making copies. Internships are internships, suck it up. But they flat-out refuse to do things! Uh, hey, you're an intern. You'll do what I say you'll do. What the hell?

This goes for the recent college grads we employed at my old company. Some of them I just wanted to smack, I swear. I don't know where they get off thinking that they are entitled to a promotion because they've been at the company a year. Hey there Gossip Girl, it doesn't work that way. You have to work for what you get, just like the rest of us had to. Why don't you focus a little more on DOING YOUR JOB and a little less on applying mascara, and maybe then we can talk about a promotion.

I was talking on Twitter this morning with a few of my friends who are the same age as I am, and they agree with me when I say that I feel like I don't have a generation of my own. I know people who are definitely Gen-X, and I know people who are definitely Gen-Y. As someone in the borderline years, I don't feel like I belong to either of the generations, and it's hard to relate to the "characteristics" of either one. For example, MediaPost published this article today: "Gen Y Traits Come Honestly". I see these traits in the interns at my company, and in other college-age people I know. They are wholly and firmly Gen-Y, in all its Millennial glory. But honestly, I can't relate. I know I'm too young to technically be Gen-X, but I'm also too old to really be a Gen-Y.

My friend Stephon made an interesting point. I was the last class of students in college to not have Facebook. This stuff didn't exist when we were growing up. We aren't like the Millennials, who never knew a day without a cell phone or a relationship without Facebook. We didn't have computers when we were little. We used a card catalog at the library. Our phones had big long twisty cords, and our cell phones once we got them... well, you've seen Saved By The Bell. The defining characteristic of the Millennial generation (Gen-Y) is digital, digital, digital. But where does that leave the borderline years like mine? We are maybe a little more tech-savvy than Gen-X, but way more grounded than Gen-Y. I always feel like I am without a Gen-home. Do you agree?